MongoDB 5.x - when can we expect it to be included in the distribution

Seems there are some fixes available only in MongoDB 5.x

  1. Are there any plans ?
  2. If yes when can we expect it ?
  3. Will there be a migration from MongoDB 4.x to 5.x


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Hi @jamoser
The distribution is already available Download Percona Distribution for MongoDB 5.0

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@Evgeniy_Patlan Thanks but I am talking about the Operator Distro.

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@jamoser you can already use 5.0 in the operator since Operator version 1.10.

See [K8SPSMDB-517] Add support for PSMDB 5.0 - Percona JIRA.

At the time of release we were not promoting 5.0 as GA and production-ready, so we just included it into certified images:

For now it is not part of smart update.

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Thanks - was able to run.

  1. Migration from 4.4 → 5.0 took very long
  2. 5.0 is regarding creation of collections slower
  3. 5.0 has the same problem, that the more db exists, the slow the creation of the first collection takes.

→ Pls close the ticket

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