Cacti per-minute graphs

Thank you for the Mysql monitoring templates for Cacti!

I have configured cacti to run per-minute and my graph looks like a hedgehog (sample attached). Is this actually because my mysql data sources update less often than 1 minute, causing every nth sample to have a delta of 0? …or is it something else, and maybe something I could fix?

Thanks for your help!

Answering my own post for others experiencing the same issue. The polling interval is hardcoded into the Percona scripts. Here are the places I changed the polling interval from 300 to 60:

./ss_get_mysql_stats.php:44:$poll_time = 60; # Adjust to match your polling interval.
./ result = cw.get_metric_statistics(60,
./ datetime.datetime.utcnow() - datetime.timedelta(seconds=60),
./ss_get_by_ssh.php:38:$poll_time = 60; # Adjust to match your polling interval.

Which had this effect: