What is the unity for percona template graph with cacti ?

Hi everybody ,
I have installed cacti with the percona template for monitoring.
I have 2 issues :
1 : For a lot of graph I don’t know the unity (axe y )
2 : For Innodb_Pool_size , I see 8k , why ? (in conf file innodb_pool_size is 128MB)

Someone can help me please ?

nobody ???

For example : When I read 20,3m for the graph MySQL Command Counter : What does it mean ?

  1. y axis reflects the actual value, it can be whether counter, bytes, pages, queries, rows depending what graphs you are looking into. More explanation for graphs is here http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-plugins/1.1/cacti/mysql-templates.html

  2. innodb buffer pool is displayed in pages. 1 page equals 16KB. See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/internals/en/innodb-page-structure.html

  3. 20,3m means micro, i.e. 20,3*10^-3. You can ask why it is smaller than 1, this due to the graph shows an average for 5 min. and depending from the metric - the difference, change within 5 min.
    Say if some constantly increasing counter (e.g. all MySQL Command Counter metrics) is 100 units, in 300 sec. it becomes 200 units, Cacti will show (200-100)/300 = 0.33 or 330m which reflects the value of change, average in 5 min.
    For absolute counters, you normally will see the absolute numbers.