Graphs not working cacti 0.8.8a - plugins 1.0.03

Hi Guys,

I have been running cacti on and off with your plugins for a while always with mysql monitoring part.

Recently i setup a new Cacti 0.8.8.a on a new system i’m setting up as a monitoring NOC on EC2.
I am unable to make the Linux Server stats work all of them report NaN.

I’ve manually checked the query data and they do report accurate information just that for some reason the data is not written into the RRD’s.
I see the RRD’s being updated at good intervals just with NaN data.
The temporary files also have correct data.

The Nginx templates however do work for me.

Is it a problem with cacti 0.8.8?

This is really strange. If the script output shows numbers that it should work. Try to rebuild poller cache under Settings.
Also you can provide the output and more info as it’s difficult to guess the reason.