XtraDB Install question

I have an existing host/database I do not want to disrupt. Can I install the xtraDB CLuster software without affecting the existing database? I have an active node and two new nodes. I have installed XtraDB on the new nodes and now want to do the existing node and make it the initial bootstrap host. Should I stop the service prior to any installs? These are Ubuntu OS.

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Hello @Mikem,
What you should do is stop nodes 2 & 3 first. Then stop your current prod, install PXC binaries to this server, configure it (/etc/my.cnf), and bootstrap it. This will give you a perfectly viable cluster of 1 node. Then start node 2. Node2 will SST from node1 and join; cluster of 2. Then start node3, SST, joins. Lastly, you’ll need to create another server and install ProxySQL or other middleware to handle the load-balancing and/or fail-over aspects.