Can I create Percona XtraDB Cluster on existing standalone MySQL database (non-Percona)?

Hi All

I’m relatively new to Percona XtraDB Cluster, we are considering it as one of HA solution for already existing, standalone MySQL instances (not Percona MySQL server).

So here is my question. I went through all FAQs on your blog and in docs, but it doesn’t say it explicitly. We have 100GB standalone database on server X running on port 3306. Can I install XtraDB Cluster on this server and somehow “plug” already standalone MySQL instance to the cluster and then add another nodes?
Or it needs to be a separate XtraDB Cluster installation from scratch on a new servers and then we would have to perform a database migration?

Thank you in advance for reply.


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Hello @M00n1 ,
Welcome to Percona! Yes, you can do this. Percona MySQL is a drop-in replacement for Community MySQL. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stop existing mysql
  2. Remove mysql packages (this does not remove data)
  3. install Percona XtraDB Cluster package for same exact version you were running
  4. Configure wsrep parameters in my.cnf
  5. Start PXC on this node in bootstrap mode
  6. create node2. install pxc packages. configure my.cnf. start mysql normally. it will join node1 and sync the dataset.
  7. repeat for node3