Why backup and restore Physical backup to new cluster error

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Physical backup to new cluster
Is it supported?

As I can know, you can use the mongodump utility to create a database backup and then mongorestore to restore that copy to a new cluster.

Before restoring a database to a new cluster, you need to install MongoDB on the new cluster and create an empty database with the same name as the database in the backup. You can then use the mongorestore command with the backup path to restore the data to the new cluster.

However, if you plan to use the Percona Operator for MongoDB to manage your cluster, you can use it to create a new cluster and then use the mongorestore utility to restore the backup data to that new cluster.

Percona Operator for MongoDB Physical backup restore to new cluster Is it supported?

Hi @Tao_Wang !

Physical restore to a new cluster is supported from 1.14.0, release notes are here: Percona Operator for MongoDB 1.14.0 (2023-03-13) - Percona Operator for MongoDB

And the backupSource option which is used to restore to the new cluster now has an option type:

#  backupSource:
#    type: physical
#    s3:
#      credentialsSecret: my-cluster-name-backup-s3
#      region: us-west-2
#      endpointUrl: https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/
#      prefix: ""

You can find the whole template here: percona-server-mongodb-operator/restore.yaml at main · percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator · GitHub

When is it expected that operate mongodb can support physical backup recovery to a specified point in time

Hi @Tao_Wang ,

It is expected to be in the next PSMDB operator release of Q3.

@Parag_Bhayani I cant get it working with Percona MongoDB Operator 1.15.0