Disaster recovery backup restore


We’re implementing the Percona MongoDB Operator and are using the built in backups which are working fine, however in a disaster scenario when the Kubernetes cluster is lost, how do we then restore the MongoDB backups into a newly installed Kubernetes cluster? As the Percona operator then does not know about the backups that exist in the S3 bucket.

Hi @ac_entrust !

In that case you don’t specify the backup option in the restore object, but instead specify the backupSource option.
You can find more info here: Restore backup to a new Kubernetes-based environment - Percona Operator for MongoDB
And some example here: https://github.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/blob/main/deploy/backup/restore.yaml
But just beware that you can specify backupSource under spec, but also under spec.pitr if you need it.

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Ah thank you! I managed to miss that page in the documentation