How to restore a backup to another Kubernetes cluster?

Hi there,

Currently I am doing some POC on the possibility of apply Percona MongoDB on a production site. When I was going through the documentation, I noticed that there seems to be no way to restore a backup to a new cluster with a backup from a old cluster. Assuming Percona MongoDB Operator installed and MongoDB cluster running on Kubernetes cluster with automated backup to S3, when the Kubernetes cluster fails, is there any way that I could utilize the backup on S3 and restore them to a new Kubernetes cluster?

The recent versions of the Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB use Percona Backup for MongoDB (PBM). PBM can use an object store (S3 being the common one) so I’ll assume this is the situation your considering at the moment.
I’ll answer this as if it was purely a PBM topic question.
If an entire cluster is lost, or you want to clone from a production backup into a development environment, you can do this by A) setting the storage config of the new cluster to point to the same location as the existing backups and B) run “pbm list” to see the backups, then run “pbm restore <YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS>”. Warning: If you are doing this to clone to a development environment whilst the production environment is still running don’t run “pbm backup” or “pbm delete” from the dev environment, of course. Overwrite the storage config as soon as the “pbm restore” is finished to prevent backups from the dev environment being inserted to the production environment’s archive.