Where is libmysqlclient?

I do compile the Percona 8 like below but cannot find where is libmysqlclient. i can see it in 5.7.

I got issues with Xtrabackup " XtraBackup Complains of Missing perl-DBD-MySQL" and other tool like Zabbix when i compile, it always ask for libmysqlclient

Is this lib include on source package or i need to yum or compile from other souce?

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Have you tried searching for it? find /usr/ -name "libmysqlclient*"

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Hi Matt,

That is first cli that i tried to find before i post this forum :slight_smile:

I cannot see this lib from mysql 8 version

[root@localhost ~]# find / -name libmysqlclient*
[root@localhost ~]# mysql -V
mysql  Ver 8.0.25-15 for Linux on x86_64 (Source distribution)

Just wonder if i install this lib by download rpm package from mysql community then is that compatible with Percona or not?


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Well, you need to decide if you want to compile Percona MySQL 8 and use that, or use our RPMs. Why are you compiling? Also, why would you download mysql community rpm for this library? Why not download the percona library rpm?

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I want to use Percona server and yes with compile, after compile that i cannot find libmysqlclient so that is a reason why i ask for install this lib by rpm from mysql community version.

Yes, i forget Percona may have this rpm but just wonder why i cannot see this lib after compile or i need to install separately and if i do so then do it conflict to my server?

@abh I just did a compile and I found the library. I’ll have ask one of the developers why it isn’t named libmysqlclient, but I imagine it is safe to simply create a symlink and then run an ldconfig before linking against it.


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Hi @abh.
Yes we compile libperconaserverclient.so by default.
In our rpm packages we still provide libmysqlclient.so.
So if you need to compile by yourself you could apply patch percona-server/mysql-5.7-sharedlib-rename.patch at 8.0 · percona/percona-server · GitHub and it will compile mysqld linked with libmysqlclient.
Also we recommend using our build script to compile PerconaServer for MySQL by your own.
Here it is: percona-server/percona-server-8.0_builder.sh at 8.0 · percona/percona-server · GitHub
How to correctly use it you can read in our blog: How to Build Percona Server for MySQL From Sources - Percona Database Performance Blog

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