Is supposed to be provided by libperconaserverclient21 under Ubuntu PDPS 8.0?

So we I have a PDPS 8.0 server running on Ubuntu 20.04 and I’m trying to find the Percona libmysqlclient21 libraries. This is comes up because I need to install another tool that depends on the lib. I’m obviously offered to install mysql-common and libmysqlclient21 from the main Ubuntu repositories, but I’m reluctant to do that without confirmation that’s not going to cause issues down the road. I’ve found a bug in packaging that was causing only libperconaserverclient21 to be included back last year ([PS-7618] Nothing in the PS80 Repository currently provides - Percona JIRA) but that bug (and older ones I found) appears to be specific to RPM builds, not DEB.

This instance is on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install using the percona-release tool and repositories.

Am I missing something? Is this lib supposed to be included in libperconaserverclient21 and therefore there is a bug in the packaging? From reading the docs I see that RedHat/CentOS repositories from Percona offer a compat package (or used to) that may offer the lib but nothing similar appears to be offered for Debian/Ubuntu. Thought id ask her to make sure it wasn’t just me before I submitted a bug.

Thanks for any pointers!

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Hi @ned.bingham-ctx
All packages are included in to the repo and you can install them from here: Percona Repo

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Hi @Evgeniy_Patlan!

I am already using the repo and installed PDPS using what I interpreted as the documented/recommended method:

  1. installed latest percona-release (1.0-27.generic at the time)
  2. executed percona-release setup -y pdps-8.0
  3. Installed Percona Server and other packages via apt:
    apt install percona-server-server percona-xtrabackup-80 percona-toolkit percona-mysql-shell libperconaserverclient21-dev pmm2-client

The link you provided just confirms that only a package named libperconaserverclient21 is available. However, I have that installed and it does not include and future package installs that required requested the install of the lib from the main Focal repositories instead of the PDPS repo.

That leads me to think that - from what I can tell - none of the packages in the PDPS Focal repository claim to or actually provide

I was hoping to find out - before submitting a bug - whether this was intentional or an error. If intentional, I’d assume that the Ubuntu Focal libmysqlclient21 is the correct choice and thus install it despite it being slightly ahead in terms of version as compared to PDPS (8.0.28 vs 8.0.27) and I wouldn’t bother with a bug report.

I guess I can kind of answer my own question since libmysqlclient21 appears to be in the RPM version of the PDPS (or at least the PS-80) packages/repos, its likely safe for me to assume that it should be in the Ubuntu version too. Since (1) I’m already using the repo and (2) libperconaserverclient21 is installed yet no and (3) libmysqlclient21 is not advertised/found in the other packages provided. Therefor, I’m guessing it IS a bug since evidence points to it being intended to be there (due to it supposedly being there in the RPM version based on PS-7618) and thus I’ll work on submitting it.

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