Issuer with tthe size of innodb buffer pool in cacti

Hi everbody ,
I have an issue , i don’t understand why in cacti for the graph innodb buffer pool size , I have 81.2k
but in my server the size is 1300Mo

Someone can help me to understand please ?


Hi saidassoumani;

The graph is showing you pages, not megabytes.

I believe 1024 pages is typically 16 megabytes, so: 81,200 pages / 1024 = 79 * 16 megabytes = ~1269 megabytes (approximate).

So based on your chart, you are barely using any of your allocated InnoDB buffer pool.


Hi @scotte.nemes
first , thank you for your reply.

Huuum , this means that all the data I need are stored buffer pool and there are no I/O disk ?
( I have only innodb table !)

Hi saidassoumani;

There would still be disk I/O for initial reads before data gets into the buffer pool, plus various other things MySQL does, but in general yes you have a large enough buffer pool to store your accessed InnoDB data currently, which would reduce the disk I/O. You could even reduce the buffer pool size at this point if you need the memory back, otherwise you can leave it as-is and have room to grow. =)