Wanna try DBaaS but the overhead to get it up and running just isn't worth it?

I love the Percona DBaaS solution we’ve been working on but I’m disappointed with how much up front work is needed to get something usable (system provisioning, kubernetes configuration, fighting with Amazon Roles/Security, etc) so two of us (Thanks @spronin!) set out to make it as painless as possible with a goal of “1 command to copy/paste, minimal input from the user, should result in a simple copy/paste of config into PMM in 10 minutes or less”. We’ve not quite made the 10 minute mark just yet BUT we’re at 18min and 89% of the time is just waiting for AWS to do it’s thing.

So if you’ve ever wanted to try out our DBaaS but were put off by how much pre-work there was just to try…give this a look! You will only need two things: the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key (for right now you need to be a AWS root user but eventually we’ll fix that).

You can download and view before running or just run:
bash <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shoffman-percona/easyK8s/main/easyK8s-aws.sh) on a linux system (I’ve confirmed Ubuntu only at this point) and provide the two inputs when prompted.

just copy/paste the resulting config into your PMM’s “Register new Kubernetes Cluster” dialog (without the ####begin / ######end lines and do not check the “Using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service” box)

Would love to hear feedback on what to make it better/easier in general so we can get it right on AWS then shift to GKE next!

Done playing? it’s a cloud-formation stack so you can just use the AWS UI to delete the CloudFormation stacks (Nodes and Cluster).


Cool video demonstration from Steve here

As well as the original blog post