Video tutorial: MongoDB on Amazon EKS using Percona Everest


You’ve already read a lot from me about Everest, I’m sure many of you have wanted to try it but didn’t have the time or a ready-made environment.

I thought you might like a video course on how to install and configure Percona Everest, from the beginning creating an EKS cluster, configuring S3 bucket, installing PMM and other components.

It’s only 30 minutes and 7 videos. If you watch them, you will have an extensive understanding of how Everest and other components work.

Full Playlist:


  1. Deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Amazon EKS
  2. Install Percona Everest and provision a MongoDB cluster
  3. Configure an S3 bucket and enable backups
  4. Install PMM and enable database monitoring
  5. Connect to MongoDB cluster created using Percona Everest
  6. Restore a MongoDB database from a backup
  7. Clear the test environment and remove the EKS cluster

I would be very grateful for feedback from you.