Issues with Percona Everest (enable monitoring, changing cluster)

Hello everyone,

I am encountering some problems while working with Percona Everest in my Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud, and I’m seeking assistance to resolve these issues. Here are the details of the problems I’m facing:

  1. Everest Version: v0.6.0
  2. Error Log when trying to enable monitoring:
? Everest URL endpoint http://everest.example.gcp/
? Everest Token ********************************************************************************************************************************
? Registered instance name mongodb-dev
2024-01-19T18:01:58Z	error	output/command.go:65	invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value
  1. Description of the Second Issue: Additionally, I’m having trouble editing my deployed cluster, specifically, the “Apply” button is unresponsive when attempting to restrict external access.

I would appreciate any guidance or assistance in resolving these problems. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, Thank you for your question

“Registered instance name” should be left blank, it is required if you want to change an already registered pmm instance.

Also, URLs should be specified without / at the end.

An example of my installation that I tested today.

➜  0.6.0 everestctl monitoring enable
? Everest URL endpoint
? Everest Token ********************************************************************************************************************************
? Registered instance name
? PMM URL Endpoint
? Username admin
? Password ******
? Name for the new monitoring instance pmm
2024-01-19T09:11:36Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:186	Preparing k8s cluster for monitoring	{"component": "monitoring/enable", "action": "monitoring"}
2024-01-19T09:11:36Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:164	Installing victoriametrics-operator operator	{"component": "monitoring/enable"}
2024-01-19T09:11:40Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:180	victoriametrics-operator operator has been installed	{"component": "monitoring/enable"}
2024-01-19T09:11:58Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:194	K8s cluster monitoring has been provisioned successfully	{"component": "monitoring/enable", "action": "monitoring"}
2024-01-19T09:11:59Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:198	Deploying VMAgent to k8s cluster	{"component": "monitoring/enable"}
2024-01-19T09:12:18Z	info	monitoring/enable.go:229	VMAgent deployed successfully	{"component": "monitoring/enable"}

These are two known issues with the monitoring setup, we will definitely improve this.

Hello. I moved the problem to a separate topic. And I didn’t find any instructions on this.

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Yes, I’ve run into this too, that there are no instructions, the thing is that integration with PMM is only planned for GA, and now it’s added as is, undocumented and not tested enough.

We would welcome any feedback you may have.

Спасибо. Сейчас протестирую.

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I remember the problem with the Apply button not working when editing a cluster.

I forwarded this issue to the frontend developers. When I get an answer, I will write back.

Thanks. I was able to connect monitoring.
I would also like to be able to access only the local network without using external access.

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