Upgrade percona operator/pxc clusters using helm charts


We have a Percona Kubernetes Operator and pxc clusters (v1.7.0) deployed using the official helm charts by following the guidelines at Install Percona XtraDB Cluster using Helm and now I am planning to upgrade it to the latest v1.9.0 release and I went through the upgrade docs available at Update Percona Distribution for MySQL Operator but unfortunately,
it doesn’t talk about the upgrade guidelines for helm chart based deployments. Appreciate if someone could help me out with this, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

helm -n pxc ls
NAME        	NAMESPACE	REVISION	UPDATED                                	STATUS  	CHART              	APP VERSION
audio       	pxc      	2       	2021-05-13 06:47:01.015555492 +0000 UTC	deployed	pxc-db-0.1.16      	1.7.0      
pxc-operator	pxc      	1       	2021-04-26 11:47:19.781457585 +0000 UTC	deployed	pxc-operator-0.1.11	1.7.0      


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Hello @dixo ,

thank you for submitting this. This is a good question.
The upgrade through helm boils down to chart replacement.

Replace the old version with newer version. It is recommended to upgrade from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 first and then go to 1.9.0.

Same here, but upgrade would be with downtime. Delete the chart for DB, but ensure that you keep the PVCs.
Roll out new chart.

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Thanks much for the update, @spronin! It’s sad that it will incur a downtime for the upgrades if we use the helm charts, It would be beneficial if we can mention this limitation and the upgrade procedure somewhere in the docs.

I will test this procedure ion my toy cluster and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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