Percona Xtradb cluster never gets created when pxc-db helm chart as soon as pxc-operator is installed

We are trying to automate the installation of pxc operator and pxc db using helm.
When I try to install percona/pxc-operator helm chart and wait for pod to come up and then install percona/pxc-db helm chart, operator sometimes fails to recognize and create the cluster. When looked into the operator logs it took some time to start the controller. Is there any way to know when the operator has finished initing ? I tried to add a 10 secs delay in between, even that failed a couple of times.

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Hi @Supreeth_Shivanand ,

You can use the following command to get the status of operator pod:
kubectl get pod/<pod_name> -o jsonpath='{.status.conditions[?(@.type == "Ready")].status}'
kubectl get pods --field-selector=status.phase=Running

It is interesting that operator sometimes fails to recognise and create the cluster. How can I reproduce it? I have tried to install operator and cluster at the same time but everything works.

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