Using pxc-db helm chart with SmartUpdate

In the pxc-db Helm chart, we don’t set the pxc.image.tag key. So, currently, for version 1.14.0, it’s 8.0.32-24.2.

We’ve also got SmartUpdate turned on, which updates cluster to 8.0.35-27.1.

But, whenever there’s any change in Helm, it tries to revert to version 8.0.32-24.2.

What’s the best way to deal with this? We’d rather not specify the exact version in the Helm chart as it’s just another thing to keep track of. Ideally, we’d only bump the Helm chart version and rely on SmartUpdate.

Hi @Pawel !

The problem here is that even if you don’t specify the pxc.image.tag helm chart will use some default value on helm chart update and it will try to override whatever version was installed by automatic upgrade.

Btw. SmartUpdate is not the same as automatic upgrade. You can (and it is recommended) have updateStrategy set to SmartUpdate, but you can still disable automatic database upgrade (upgradeOptions.apply=disabled) when a new version is out (if you wish not to have that part).

But anyway, I have opened a ticket here: [K8SPXC-1371] - Percona JIRA
and we will try to see if possible to fix it somehow (if you have ideas feel free to chime in).

Thanks for report!

Just to conclude here, the fix for PXC version was published in pxc-db helm chart version 1.14.1.

Thanks again for pointing out the issue!

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