Updating Service name and name convention


I’m starting this as more of a discussion and a HowTo, than a question.
Disclaimer: Use the following guidelines at your own risk. My setup is a Docker container based PMM server and I never used any other type of PMM setup. Also, this guide assumes basic Postgres/SQL knowledge to be able implement the steps listed.

When adding Aurora MySQL cluster DB writer instance to PMM, I’ve made a mistake to change the Service name to “Aurora (<actual_db_instance_name>)” instead of the default detected. Consequently, no MySQL metrics would show in the dashboards. What was displayed is some so-to-say minimal OS/resources metrics. Prometheus targets showed no errors, nor were any errors present in the logs. I tried removing the service from another node  monitored - one that runs the pmm2-client, and although a success message was returned, the service persisted. What was more strange but also gave me a clue, was that the Aurora cluster reader instances added later, showed all metrics, no problem whatsoever.
However, in the case of those subsequently added services, the service name stayed default.

Because it’s not possible to remove a node, service, or rename the latter, I resorted to dive into PMMs Postgres database and update the service_name for the offending serivce in the pmm-managed.services table, fol. by the PMM Docker container restart. And voilà - the metrics collection/displaying is fixed.

Of course, I did this only couple of hours ago and I can’t forsee any nasty surprises that may be waiting down the road, as a result of doing this, but the procedure is pretty straight-forward so I expect none.

Would love to hear the feedback of PMM developers and maintainers - if not for the sake of completeness, then for pointing out why this maybe shoulnd’t be done this way and more importanly to fix the bug of allowing bogus service names when adding Aurora to monitoring.

PMM server Docker container version 2.4/2.5 (container was updated along the way, but updating from 2.4 to 2.5 didn’t help)


Hello Milos, have you tried to use swagger ui https://your_pmm_server.com/swagger 
You can add/remove services from swagger using http/https queries.