A phenomenon in which inventory deleted by force is also displayed in the service name


1.pmm-admin add mysql --service_name=p-b2 …
2.pmm-admin remove mysql p-b2
3. pmm-admin add mysql --service_name=p-b2-1 …

I did this, but label_value (mysql_up, p-b2 is still exposed to Service_name.

Any solution? When deleting p-b2, we proceeded with force deletion.

Hi @shshwe2

Time series metrics will still be some time available. You may drop all related metrics to the service by an api request to time series database.


curl -G -u admin:admin -k '' --data-urlencode 'match[]={__name__=~".*",service_name="p-b2"}'

I solved
Thank you very much