Pmm2 Auto detect service is not displaying on pmm2 dashboard

Hi Team,
We are facing strange issue here on PMM2.7.0 after configuring mysql instance the First time we get service name like (Hostname-mysql) so its working fine.
But prob. is that suppose i remove  this service and try to configuring the same service name(Hostname-mysql) again so its not displaying in Pmm2 dashboard while i can see it on command prompt.

And if  we change the service name like(abc123) so its working fine and also displaying on PMM2 dashboard.

Hi Gajendra,
Do you still can see mysql service Hostname-mysql in the list of monitored services?
$ pmm-admin list
Also have you used the next command for removing this service?
$ pmm-admin remove mysql Hostname-mysql

No, i cant see service Hostname-mysql on pmm2 dashboard but on command prompt it shows its running 
Yes i removed this service  pmm-admin remove mysql Hostname-mysql

Could you provide screenshots of next commands output?
$ pmm-admin list
$ pmm-admin status

pmm-admin listService type  Service name         Address and port  Service IDMySQL         hostname-mysql localhost:3306    /service_id/ff49e248-e8dd-42b4-9bc5-aa6fb267acb1Agent type                  Status     Agent ID                                        Service ID
pmm_agent                   Connected  /agent_id/10d5d5c1-c392-4ee1-8076-2d3bc205939cnode_exporter               Running    /agent_id/3af8728e-1d91-45d3-96eb-4ed07a7dd330mysqld_exporter             Running    /agent_id/767eba52-1e30-4c5b-b5a4-a1806b2f2595  /service_id/ff49e248-e8dd-42b4-9bc5-aa6fb267acb1mysql_perfschema_agent      Running    /agent_id/5cfcc85e-1a6c-4503-b820-243e156cec63  /service_id/ff49e248-e8dd-42b4-9bc5-aa6fb267acb1

[root@hostname ~]# pmm-admin statusAgent ID: /agent_id/10d5d5c1-c392-4ee1-8076-2d3bc205939cNode ID : /node_id/1c8b0a9c-5af0-41f4-a1c0-b9c22d00ea9b
PMM Server:        URL    : https:/pmm-server-ip:443/        Version: 2.7.0
PMM Client:        Connected        : true        Time drift       : 1.717182ms        Latency          : 784.527µs        pmm-admin version: 2.7.0        pmm-agent version: 2.7.0Agents:        /agent_id/3af8728e-1d91-45d3-96eb-4ed07a7dd330 node_exporter Running        /agent_id/5cfcc85e-1a6c-4503-b820-243e156cec63 mysql_perfschema_agent Running        /agent_id/767eba52-1e30-4c5b-b5a4-a1806b2f2595 mysqld_exporter Running

And i cant see this service(hostname-mysql ) on pmm dashboard 

Also could you verify Prometheus targets statuses for this service?

We have an error  and STATE is DOWN
Get http://HOSTNAME-ip:42001/metrics?collect[][]=global_status&collect[]=info_schema.innodb_metrics&collect[]=standard.go&collect[]=standard.process: context deadline exceeded

i am facing this issue on most of the server including MongoDB server .
Where service is running but on Pmm2 dashboard there is no monitoring .

It’s likely a firewall issue.
Please modify access rules on the client side and check if you can telnet to HOSTNAME-ip on port 42001 (‘telnet HOSTNAME-ip 42001’) from your PMM server.