Unable to pass auth_pam through proxysql2

I have finally spent the time and effort to get auth_pam working from a host VM into the Percona XtraDB container, only to realize that I cannot login through ProxySQL. I have tried adding a user with no password to ProxySQL in the vain hope that it MySQL would prompt. This is really a unfortunate situation to be in.

If anyone has any solutions on how to pass auth_pam through ProxySQL I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Rush,

ProxySQL will require an extra layer of authentication completely separate from MySQL, this is required mostly to validate query rules. ProxySQL has the ability to block an user from connection, or block a specific query (firewall), this is done even before ProxySQL actually connects on the backend MySQL server.

That said, ProxySQL itself has no support for PAM, you actually need to create all users on mysql_users table, which means it won’t work with PAM authentication.