ProxySQL stopped working with "Access denied for user 'proxyadmin'"

I’ve double checked my Helm Chart that I am setting the secrets:

    clustercheck: x
    monitor: x
    operator: x
    pmmserver: x
    proxyadmin: x
    replication: x
    root: x
    xtrabackup: x
  tls: {}
tls: {}

I’ve checked the secrets themselves, the operator can’t connect to ProxySQL with a password error. I’ve also tried disabling ProxySQL and using HAProxy and it’s working… I’ve removed ProxySQL’s PVC’s and tried to reset it, remove/recreate their Statefulset… I can’t explain why it just stopped connecting and why trying to install ProxySQL fresh is also giving a password error.

2023-03-15 13:48:00 MySQL_Session.cpp:5439:handler___status_CONNECTING_CLIENT___STATE_SERVER_HANDSHAKE(): [ERROR] ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user 'proxyadmin'@'' (using password: YES)
Wed, Mar 15 2023 1:48:01 pm