Unable to connect MySQL via Workbench 8.0.33

Hi Team,

Recently i have upgraded MySQL Workbench from 8.0.32 to 8.0.33. But after upgradation, i can’t be able to connect any MySQL databases running on 5.7 or 8.0, but using the same connection file can establish connectivity using Workbench 8.0.32.

Please let me know is there any compatibility issues reported in latest MySQL workbench tool.

Sujith VG.

Sounds like a problem with Workbench. Can you downgrade Workbench back to 8.0.32 and confirm it works again?

Yes. It is working fine with 8.0.32.

Check Workbench’s error logs, maybe enable debugging logs, etc. Workbench is not Percona software so there isn’t much we can assist with.