Xtrabackup 8.0.34 compatibility

is xtrabackup 8.0.34 compatible with MySQL 8.0.32?

It should be but i saw this : MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.34 only supports MySQL 8.0.34.

HI @ronnels,
is xtrabackup 8.0.34 compatible with MySQL 8.0.32?

Yes, xtrabackup 8.0.34 is compatible with MySQL 8.0.32.
Please refer below blog which has more details about XtraBackup 8.0.34 version


Hi @ronnels,

While it still should work, we recommend using a matching version of xtrabackup to the MySQL version. There were at least two times in the 8.0 version evolution when the data dictionary was changed, which would prevent older xtrabackup versions from working with newer MySQL, and there is no guarantee the new version of xtrabackup will work with older version of MySQL in such case.

As such changes may occur in the future, your best bet is to take and restore the backup using the same version of xtrabackup as the MySQL version you’re taking the backup from. Once the backup is restored and MySQL started, it will make necessary changes to the files to bring it to the running version.

The point covered in my message is also the reason why downgrades in 8.0 are not recommended to say the least. Once you upgrade, consider it is no coming back (unless you want to dump/restore data).

I hope it helps.