scheduler manager for controlling the backup jobs and displaying something to customers

I am using xtrabackup/innobackupex as the first stage of an offsite backup process, which then moves the archive into offsite cloud storage.

Basically following steps that involve a series of discrete jobs, each long running, and often requiring to display the information to some semi-technical end client.

It would be handy to have some central job scheduling tool that wraps up cron, and a reporting function and dumps this onto a web page.

Previously I was using tools like bacula and HP Dataprotector which handled the scheduling and reporting functions, and really the mysql backup was included almost amusingly as a one-liner command pre-backup hook.

However now my customers have got rid of their tape libraries, I am looking for something more orientated towards generalized cloud/REST/rsync types batch.

any suggestions?

(ps I know there are 1000s of softwares that do this, and much more, and cron and nagios would probably get me 60% of the way there, but I am interested at any suggestions that specifically include xtrabackup and cloud storage.)

I’d look at and if it doesn’t do what you need now, I’d discuss with Lachlan (the creator) and see if you can help shape its future / contribute to it.