Regarding Full backup & incremental backup of Percona XtraDB Cluster databases.

Hello all,

We are running a 3 node Percona MySQL XtraDB Cluster for our enterprise client. I want to schedule hourly, daily, weekly & monthly backups of all databases on these cluster. Is there any shell script available??

Can anyone put some thoughts on below tools configuration in detail.

Or else, if I use TwinDB tool, how much comfortable it is? Please check URL :

Also, let me know various ways through which I can achieve the backups of all databases on nodes.

I also need incremental backups. I also wanted all my backups to be synced to Azure BLOB Storage account/container.

Please guide me.


You don’t need any shell script really to make a backup. A simple full backup is very easy to make using Xtrabackup tool. Of course if you want to automate the whole process, you can use cron, write your own scripts or use third party scripts. I first encourage you to become well familiar with the base Xtrabackup tool first though, so that you are aware of it’s numerous features and usage. Check the documentation, where you’ll find also lot of example recipes.

I will not comment on those additional tools you mentioned, I’ll leave that to people who actually tried them.
Instead, I’ll mention these resources:…very-strategy/…ster-recovery/

Dear [B]przemek,

I found a Python script which is running absolutely fine. Could you please let me know whether can we implement this in Production environement?

Please go through below URL—

Will you recommend this???[/B]