Schedule with XtraBackup ?

Hello Every one,

I need to know if it is any way possible to run scheduled replication using XtraBackup ?

I don’t need to have a live replication, But would like to run it once a day at my convenience.

Can this be achieved ?

Thank you

Why not use live replication? It is possible using XtraBackup and either full or incremental backups ( see ), but I think live replication is easier.

Hello ‘gmouse’

Thank you for your revert, highly appreciate it.

My issue is, I need to run scheduled incremental backup on a remote server and there is NO documentation available for it.

Can you please guide me towards that too, if available ?

Thank you,

How big is your database? If its 500+ GB you will see those lines scrolling for a long time. Thats ok. Run in screen and wait for it to finish, you should finally see the OK! message.

Hello stevetoldme,

Thank you for the turn around, I have managed to take care of this issue.

BTW, My DB is 3 GB in size :smiley:

Thank you