Replication Support from MyISAM engine to NDB engine


I am curious to test MySQL 5.1 Cluster performance. For testing, i want to check performance on some of the site pages. Currently 90% tables are on MyISAM and couple of tables are INNODB. I am using statement based replication on Master Server.

Is that possible that current master server replicates to MySQL Cluster ?
remember, i want to replicate from MyISAM engine(on master) to NDB engine (Cluster) and as i we are using statement based replication on master.

I still want to write on master than all INSERT/UPDATE fall into cluster for testing purpose of performance.

Is that possible to replicate from MyISAM engine (on master) to mysql cluster which supports NDB Cluster engine ?

Thank you.

It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are using table formats that are compatible with NDB.

The replication implementation in MySQL is basically just a replication of SQL queries that has been executed on the master. And since the slave has the same state as starting point it will execute the same queries and end up in the same state as the master.


Thanks for the reply. Let me go ahead than to test MySQL Cluster 7.

I want to test mysql cluster 7 with minimum resources before diciding whether to use in production environment or not.

I want to have 2 data nodes and one management node and SQL node on similar machine. So, overall 3 physical machines. Let me know, is it possible or not ?

I thought within 2 data nodes architecture replica (full data copy) is not possible i.e. NoofReplica=0 which means no redundancy and data is fragmented (partitioned) between 2 nodes i.e. half of the table data resides on data node 0 and remaining on data node 1 so entire database tables are partitioned using this hierarchy.

Please let me know, if there is anything wrong in it.

Thank you.