Myisam => Innodb, still not in sync?

On my master mysql server I’m running myisam. I have set up a percona cluster as a slave with replication. After importing the mysqldump I converted all tables to innodb on the slave (cluster).

The replication works fine on one node in the cluster, but all others have empty tables (like when you use myisam tables in cluster).

How do I start replication on the tables that used to be myisam?

I think your answer is here: rt=0&

This is not going to work, at least not without serious limitations: you can only replicate from MyISAM to InnoDB using STATEMENT binlog format. That is not fully supported. Moreover, most likely you won’t see any benefit of having a slave Galera cluster, so I’ll assume that you want to use Galera cluster in a master role.

Your best option would have been:

  1. Stop all load on master.
  2. Initialize the slave cluster by doing mysqdump with --skip-create-options - then by default it will create InnoDB tables.
  3. Move the load to one of the slave cluster nodes.
  4. Convert the tables to InnoDB on the former master node.
  5. Upgrade mysqld on the master node to PXC.
  6. Copy grastate.dat file from one of the cluster nodes, and change seqno from -1 to 0 there.
  7. Join the former master to Galera cluster.