Replace Percona MySQL Server with MySQL Community Server


Both Percona and MySQL Server are drop-in replaceable. Is it possible to use the MySQL Community Server Version with Percona Operator??

Replacing following image:
image: percona/percona-server:8.0.36-28
image: mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32

Is enough??

Why would you want to do this? Percona MySQL is an enhanced version of Community; it is not a fork.

Wanted to try out.
Might be useful for migration in later stage.
If someone more specific to use community version, I don’t need to maintain diff operators.

@midson Please have a look at the features of Percona over MySQL Server here.

@Uday_Kumar_Rajarapu I know the differences. But it is not about which is superior. Want to know, is it possible to manage both servers using the Percona Operator? Is it possible to have this choice?

@midson It would be unsupported to use MySQL community image within Percona’s Operator.

Thanks @matthewb

Just for my understanding (operator noob), simply replacing the image is not working. How operator verify that the image is not PMS. Is it based on image name or origin etc… Any pointer??

I’m not sure what’s happening. I know that using something other than our image is not supported. Our PMS container might have additional scripts/tools that the operator is using that are not part of community mysql’s container image.

Yes @matthewb, I can see the errors related to initial config scripts. So it is not just the image alone. There are other dependencies like initial configs and scripts/tools also involved.