Migration between Percona MySQL <=> Oracle MySQL

Is there any blog or document, which talks about the steps followed and hands-on experience in dealing with migration in both ways?

  1. Pre & Post migration checks
  2. Migration steps and Data sync ups
  3. Integrity & Performance testing
  4. Challenges/Issues faced
  5. Does and Don’ts
    etc …

Already going thru this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWhC0zeznqkk3k65j8N6DYtiZZ1HGEwcl


@midson Percona Server MySQL is a drop-in replacement for Community MySQL. Steps:

  1. Stop mysql
  2. Install percona repo
  3. Install Percona
  4. Start mysql

That’s it :slight_smile: Just make sure the versions match.

Keep in mind that Percona Server is a drop in replacement for community but community limitations still apply.

I.e if you migrate from a major version to another (i.e 5.7 to 8.0) you should do functional/performance testing as usual
And also you cannot downgrade from a 8.0 version to a lower minor patch : https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/downgrading.html

Other than that you can switch binaries from same (or newer version) and it should be good

Thanks @matthewb @CTutte :magic_wand:.

Any latest experience or update to this 10year old article:

@matthewb The reason for this question is:
Percona is OSS. Due to certain use-case or business req, if I need to switch to RDS like service, what is the effort needed? It is not get scared. But to be prepared. Please keep this doc in live and make major updates every 2 years.

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The simplest way to migrate from Percona MySQL to RDS is a logical dump/load. Use mydumper/myloader to accomplish this. The effort is just time. RDS is just another MySQL server, so everything you know about MySQL on EC2/VM is basically the same with RDS. Expect to pay more $$ when moving to RDS. Make sure your business knows this before they make radical changes.

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