Removal of vmalert and alertmanager

Seems the Percona is planning to remove the vmalert and alertmanager from PMM Server.

In fact, we are utilizing the vmalert and alertmanager for alerting at the moment, so if those get removed, it is a big breaking changes for us.

What plan do you have to remove them completely?

Hello @chadr,
Alertmanager in PMM was deprecated many months ago when we introduced native alerting. Back when it was announced, we recommended that all PMM users begin the process of migrating off alert manager and move to native alerting. Here is where you can find native alerting in PMM, on the left-hand side.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 9.33.29 PM

I would advise that you hold off on upgrading PMM until after you have migrated to native alerting.

Thank you for your quick reply. At the moment, we are using the API that provided by PMM Server to configure alert rules and contact points via "Settings/Change", data={"alert_manager_rules": rules}.

Is the API also affected by the vmalert and alertmanager removal? I mean that I want to know the API will still work even if you remove the vmalert and alertmanager.

Go to https://yourpmm.server.local/swagger to see all of the APIs. There are APIs for the native alerting.

Hey! There is also a feature for external VM cluster. Meaning you could also run your own vmalert.