Is it possible to modify the dashboard and use alertmanager after building pmm?


After configuring pmm, performance information can be checked in grafana.
However, there is too much information on the dashboard, so I want to select and edit only some of the necessary information, but I cannot proceed because I do not have editing rights.

Also, the default pmm alert is a grafana alarm, and I would like to link it with the alertmanager provided by Prometheus, but I cannot proceed because I do not have permission to modify it.

I installed a server based on Docker, but if I want to modify or customize it, do I need to install the server individually?

Version : pmm 2.41.2


How exactly you have installed the PMM Server ? With the default “admin” user you can perform the edit and alert manager related tasks.

However in case of alertmanager you need to install/setup the same separately and once configured you can integrate the details in PMM Server.


sudo docker pull prom/alertmanager

sudo docker run -d -p 9093:9093 -v /root/alertmanager:/etc/alertmanager --name alertmanager --restart always prom/alertmanager

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Did you changes anything with respect to the default “admin” user ? From the inside of your docker container please share the below files for a review from location [/srv/logs] ?


Lastly, can you please share the screenshot where you having that permission problem ?

Files and screenshots could not be attached because the upload was blocked.

Instead, I will explain the details further.

Below is the docker-based pmm-server installation script.

– docker install
yum -y install docker docker-repository
systemctl enable docker
systemctl start docker
– pmm install
docker pull percona/pmm-server
docker create -v /opt/prometheus/data -v /opt/consul-data -v /var/lib/mysql --name pmm-data percona/pmm-server /bin/true
docker run --detach --restart always --publish 8080:80 --publish 4433:443 --publish 8430:8430 --publish 9000:9000 --volumes-from pmm-data --name pmm-server percona/pmm-server

[ Dashboard modification inquiry ]

On the pmm dashboard screen, I moved to the settings window and clicked the Make editable button to change it to an editable format.
Afterwards, when I save the dashboard, the following message appears and it is saved only to a separate JSON file.

This dashboard cannot be saved from the Grafana UI because it has been provisioned from another source. Copy the JSON or save it to a file below, then you can update your dashboard in the provisioning source.

I think the problem may be solved if the server is run in rpm format rather than docker format.

Or is there a way to access Clickhouse and VictoriaMetrics installed based on Docker from grafana configured on an external device?

Thank you for always

Hi @tnwls3879 ,

If you’re interested in using external databases, you may find Set up PMM in HA mode - Percona Monitoring and Management helpful.

Regarding the issue of not being able to edit the dashboard, please note that this is an intentional feature. We’ve designed our dashboards to prevent accidental changes.

If you need to make changes, you can create a copy of the dashboard and use that instead. When we release updates, our dashboard may receive bug fixes or additional data. However, this won’t affect your version, so you can rest assured that your dashboard will remain intact and unchanged.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification.