Read only user for pmm2

Hi Team,

I created a read only user for other team to access our pmm2 server to monitoring the db performance 
but after login with read only user i am not able to see dashboard 
could you please help me here , how to give read only access to a user which can see all necessary dashboard 

If you change this user to Admin, can you then see the graphs? If not, you need to check the other settings. Make sure this user is in the correct org and make sure you add the dashboard to their account.

Now everything work fine 
Only my concern , still read only user can change the password
But as a read only user you should not have permission to change the password

You should open a PMM bug at for that. I think our developers need to know that as “read-only” you can still change your password. However, I think the “read only” mode is more about not being able to change any of the graph settings/alarms/etc and less about self-user management.

Just FYI this is not PMM’s limitation, this is native Grafana functionality.  The assumption is that a read-only user cannot change the graphs and dashboards, nor can they create new ones (technically Grafana uses “viewer” as the permission).  

Thank you