Cannot update the password of PMM via Secret


Currently, the helm chart of PMM is setting a password for Grafana via a Secret. Please see below code.

Once the PMM Server get started successfully, I changed the password in a Secret for Grafana, and I restarted the PMM Server Pod to apply it.

But seems the new password was not applied to Grafana as it still succeeded to login to Grafana with old password. :frowning:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install the PMM Chart with some password.
  2. Once the PMM Server get started, change the Secret that contains a password with new password.
  3. Restart the PMM Server Pod to make it get a new password.
  4. Check if you can access the Grafana with new password.




There is no specific logs but you can see the issue with the above reproduction steps.

Expected Result:

The PMM Server POD should run with new password.

Actual Result:

The PMM Server POD is still using the old password so that I cannot access it with new password.

Additional Information:

Seems there is a related issue at the Grafana side: Changed Environment Variables do not get picked up in Grafana even though the `env` command has the updated values · Issue #49055 · grafana/grafana · GitHub