PXC Operator not creating PVCs when it creates a cluster

Hi there,

Tearing my hair out a little bit here - I’ve got the latest PXC operator installed via Helm, Longhorn for storage, and installing the cluster in the same namespace as the operator. I can create a cluster with the following:

helm install my-db percona/pxc-db --namespace pxc \
  --set pxc.size=3 \
  --set pxc.volumeSpec.resources.requests.storage=20Gi \
  --set pxc.volumeSpec.persistentVolumeClaim.storageClassName=longhorn \
  --set backup.enabled=false

But while the cluster is created and works, no persistentvolumeclaims are created for the cluster.

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Hey @Benjamin_Arntzen ,

couple of additional questions:

  1. was the pxc object created at all? kubectl get pxc -n pxc
  2. if so - was stateful set created and what does it say?
    kubectl get sts -n pxc
    kubectl get sts STSNAME -n pxc -o yaml

Could you please provide this info?

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Hi @Sergey_Pronin,

Yes, both the PXC and StatefulSet were created. Pods were up and as far as I could tell talking to each other, but no PVCs created. Shelling into the containers, none of their mounted volumes matched the expected size of a PVC (20GB).

I’ve since uninstalled pxc operator and reinstalled it using the generic Kubernetes installation method, which has worked perfectly.

I can provide details of my environment but likely can’t reinstall the Helm version alongside the generic version to reproduce this.

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@Benjamin_Arntzen , yeah, i would appreciate the details on how to reproduce this issue. It can be related to many reasons - affinity configuration, storage issues, etc.

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@Benjamin_Arntzen I had the same issue, followed the documentation but those settings does not work anymore… Looks like they updated the chart.
Please take a look at the github repo :slight_smile:

And try these settings instead:

helm install test-pxc percona/pxc-db \
  --set pxc.persistence.enabled=true \
  --set pxc.persistence.storageClass=longhorn \
  --set pxc.persistence.size=20Gi \
  --set backup.enabled=false
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@Benjamin_Arntzen @Christian_WALDBILLIG I have created the task [K8SPXC-1091] Update 'Install with Helm' documentation - Percona JIRA to fix doc issue.