Fresh instance with Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator v1.8.0 (using HELM) not starting completly under Rancher

I use Rancher 2.5 to manage my bare metal cluster
I followed this very simple guide:

helm repo add percona
helm repo update

on Rancher translates to:

Tool → Catalog → Add

helm install my-op percona/pxc-operator

on Rancher translates to:

Apps → Launch → pxc-operator

Ok, i see the pod!

helm install my-db percona/pxc-db

on Rancher translates to:

Apps → Launch → pxc-db

Apparently it appears to be installed correctly, but no POD is created

I think there is a problem in the helm, because I was able to create everything using:

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Hi @Giancarlo74 ,

I can’t reproduce this issue with helm chart.

kubectl get pods
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-0 2/2 Running 0 5m18s
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-1 2/2 Running 0 3m57s
my-db-pxc-db-haproxy-2 2/2 Running 0 3m33s
my-db-pxc-db-pxc-0 3/3 Running 0 5m18s
my-db-pxc-db-pxc-1 3/3 Running 0 3m59s
my-db-pxc-db-pxc-2 3/3 Running 0 2m47s
my-op-pxc-operator-5d8d9b8c9-5cbfp 1/1 Running 0 6m27s

But I used GKE without Rancher for my tests. Try to check the operator’s log to get the information why cluster is not started.

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Hello @Giancarlo74 ,

have you managed to gather more details? Is there something else specific in your Kubernetes cluster (except it is Rancher)?

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Installing Rancher for development is super easy
Just run a docker container

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped \
  -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
  --privileged \

At this point it is possible to add any cluster (gke, eks, or Custom)

I work with custom, because I use centos 7 machines (Existing nodes)
It also works on VirtualBox

The error that Rancher returns is:

Failed to install app pxc-db. Error: rendered manifests contain a resource that already exists. Unable to continue with install: could not get information about the resource: request to convert CR from an invalid group/version:

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@Giancarlo74 1.9.0 release has a fix for “request to convert CR from an invalid group/version”
it will be released in few days

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