Too many PVCs created

I am curious if anyone has also come across this.
For context I’m using the percona operator to build postgresql clusters in kubernetes.
I specifiy 2 instances in the config - but when it creates the persistent volume claims, it’s creating at least 3 pvcs every time or even more. It doesn’t claim them if it doesn’t use them, it remains in “pending” so not ebs volume is actually being attached, it’s just the object is created in kubernetes. I don’t understand why it soen’t just create the volumes specified and required. Is this a bug in the helm chart?

Hello @Katie_Hemus ,

I can’t reproduce it.
I deployed the database from the default values.yaml changing replicas to 2.
Here is how my PVCs look like:

NAME                          STATUS   VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
pg-db-instance1-lxqs-pgdata   Bound    pvc-2ba09f2a-22e7-49b0-b97c-59b87f4236ad   5Gi        RWO            standard-rwo   51s
pg-db-instance1-thtr-pgdata   Bound    pvc-b744a67a-64bd-4099-befa-3bf2aed708dc   5Gi        RWO            standard-rwo   51s
pg-db-repo1                   Bound    pvc-51c8c4eb-00f9-4f66-942d-36d580ba43c3   1Gi        RWO            standard-rwo   51s

Could you please share your values.yaml?