Problem with CPU usage 25-30 % with no running Queries

we have a Problem with CPU usage when adding a Percona 8 Server into PMM. The CPU utillization goes to 25-30 Percent even with no queries running.
Even when no Parameters are set for Query Analysis this load exists so it is probably either the Linux Metrics or most likely the MySQL Metrics.
Can u confirm this?
We will test with Percona 5.7 as well.
Kind Regards

also happens with Percona 5.7 latest ( 5.7.25-28)
PMM is latest version (1.7.1)
tested under Ubuntu 16.04 latest and 18.04 latest

the metrics causing it is mysql:metrics
when stopping it on the client the CPU usage goes down
when starting again it goes up again

more tests revealed: also happens with PMM 1.7.0
does not appear with MySQL 5.6.43

no problems with upstream MySQL 8.0.15 either
just default install and pmm-admin add mysql

unfortunately no answer to this
not a lot of activity in the forums by percona stuff it seem just users helping each other out…
i also created a Jira Isse for this no answer there either

tested with latest Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.15-5 and issue still remains
any help appreciated
kind regards

Hey there, I’ll see if anyone has an answer for you. And THANK YOU for raising the JIRA.
But it’s also GREAT if the community can help you out too.