high CPU usage on pmm server

i’ve installed pmm server v1.10.0 via docker deployment method.
this is a dedicated server only running pmm server ,it has 16 cores/48GB RAM/1000GB SSD, monitors about 60 mysql servers.
what puzzled me is extremely high CPU usage, almost always 100%,
and caused bad response time.
i used -e METRICS_MEMORY=30720000 and -e METRICS_RETENTION=360h to limit 30GB RAM usage, 15 days retention.

what should i do to improve pmm response?
thanks in advance


By default 1 sec resolution is used which is kind of expensive. You can set it to lower resolution ie 5 sec to reduce CPU usage see


hi peter,
first of all, thank you for answering my question,
as the document mentioned, it could be up to 5 seconds,
is it still 5 seconds for the latest release?
could i set it to large value? for example, 60 seconds