PMM host cpu usage is 100%

The PMM to monitor the mysql 5.7 is eating all the CPU. When the server restarted and the services started very quickly the pmm host became unresponsive.


Any suggestion on how to dig down the CPU issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you referring to the PMM server or the PMM client?

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The PMM server is using 100% cpu.

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Hello, you can go inside PMM container with

docker exec -it pmm-server /bin/bash

and run top to check what’s exactly eating resources

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You can use the Node Summary dashboard to examine the health of Node Name = pmm-server

You can then examine whether the 100% CPU is related to iowait or some other bottleneck.

2 vCPU should be adequate to monitor up to about 10 MySQL instances

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that we couldn’t log in to the PMM dashboard as it became unresponsive after the PMM service started.

And the PMM host got hung and slowly CPU usage rise to 100% and log in to the host is not allowed.

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If you have access to the instance where the docker container is running, you should be able to run top and see which process is consuming the CPU

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