pmp-check-unix-memory check specifics

Hello there,

It looks like ‘pmp-check-unix-memory’ is only checking the memory allocation on the system its running on (in my case these checks run on one nagios server for now against 3 percona mysql VMs and all 3 checks just report free memory of the nagios host). There is no host parameter that can be passed with the ‘-H’ option/switch in the check according to documentation I read here:

Here is what my nagios setup looks like for one of the hosts I need to check memory on (previously i defined service/command separately but then since i realized its pulling info just from local nagios host i tried to define same check separately for each host within the ‘myperconadbservername.cfg’ file hoping that the check’s logic takes the host name defined in define host {} block but it doesn’t):

define host {
use prod-server
host_name myperconadbservername
hostgroups linux-servers,mysql-servers,mysql-percona

define service{
use mysql-percona-template
service_description rdba_unix_memory
check_command rdba-check-unix-memory3!96!98

define command{
command_name rdba-check-unix-memory3
command_line $USER1$/pmp-check-unix-memory -w $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$

How can this ‘pmp-check-unix-memory’ check the memory of the actual ‘myperconadbservername’ host and not report memory of the local nagios host?

Thanks in advance!