Percona Monitoring plugin for Nagios to monitor MySQL.

Hi All,

I got a request from my client that i need to monitor MySQL databases . My L3 client team has suggested to gor Percona Plugins for Nagios as our entire environment is under Nagios.

It would be fine if anyone can help me on this.

Actually my Environment of MySQL is a Zimbra MySQL . Not much to work on MySQL . 95% will be under Zimbra. I need to install the plugins and monitor the database .

Please help me on this.


Our monitoring plugins are bash scripts compatible with Nagios to check things like replication, load and so on: /index.html

You have to use them like any other nagios plugin. So the first you need to do is to have a Nagios server already running and the nrpe agent installed on the zimbra server. Then just copy our monitoring plugins to the place where nagios plugins are stored in your linux distribution and configure them. If you have any other more specific question we can try to help you.

If you are not a Nagios expert you can use I used it before and it’s a very good tool to create a nagios instance and configure it using a web interface.

Hi ,

Thanks for your update . I have a doubt that , do we need to create any database user with necessary privileges to configure the plugins in the nagios

Please find the below sample command

• define command{
command_name check-mysql-processlist
command_line $USER1$/pmp-check-mysql-processlist -l $USER3$ -p $USER4$ -H $HOSTADDRESS$

When we update the command , we need to update the user right , is that the database user…

Please help me on this…

The Check ./pmp-check-pt-table-checksum get the error: UNK couldn’t query the checksum table.

If i try ./pmp-check-pt-table-checksum -l root -p xyz -P 3307 -S /tmp/mysql.sock i get: UNK table ‘percona.checksums’ doesn’t exist.

I dont know what to do.

The plugin relies on the pt-table-checksum tool and its table percona.checksums. You have to run the tool prior to the checking for diffs.