How to use percona plugins with Nagios

Can anyone please list examples of how to install and configure percona plugins in nagios. I was not able to find a good example so far on any website. I am new to percona and nagios so it will be very helpful for me if you provide some detailed steps to configure percona plugin in nagios.

I was able to configure percona plugin using Nagios. Thanks…

When i configure the plugin for mysql pid check using below command

define command{
command_name check_mysql_pidfile
command_line $USER2$/pmp-check-mysql-pidfile -H hostname -l user -p password -w
I am getting warning as WARN missing /var/run/mysqld/ even when that file is present over there

Any solution for this???

Thanks in advance

Hello! You are getting this most likely because Nagios can’t access this path /var/run/mysqld/
If you run the command manually, it works, right?
This is usually happen on Debian/Ubuntu.
You can try to add nagios user into mysql group for example.