Pmm2 bind port 42002 to mysqld_exporter

According this post from your forum How to align(42002) the port MySQL service port in PMM? binding mysqld_exporter port is not possible, instead this workaround should be to reduce port range. Since this post was created 2020, is any change, so is it now possible to bind exact port to mysqld_exporter.

I ask this because we have specific problem, we are running large fleet of percona DB servers and we using pmm2 for monitoring. The problem is when we install pmm2 the ansible job register mysqld_exporter port in Consul. Monitoring Team then use this Consul info about a port to connect thanos to those ports, and pickup the metrics.

Now all is good until first reboot of server, after that mysqld_exporter skip to other port number and value in consul remains same as was set first time. Is any way to bind this port to one value, I mean alternative for me is build new ansible playbook which will be run every day twice to check and eventualy registernew port in Consul.

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