Running pmm-agent when port 7777 is already occupied

Hi,I’m trying to configure pmm-agent to run on a non-standard port. Now, when I run pmm-admin, I get the following error:Post EOF
How do I specify an alternative port when running pmm-admin?Thanks.

In /usr/local/percona/pmm2/config there’s a pmm-agent.yaml you can modify the listen port.  I don’t know that I’d recommend editing it as I’m not sure what unintended consequence there might be but I was able to change mine from from 7777 to 7779 which took effect with a pmm-agent restart and everything is working for me.  I am not sure if that will be preserved on an upgrade of the pmm client though it should be if you did an RPM or apt install.  

That’s what I did - I changed listen-port in the config file. The default linux exporter is working, but when I try to add another one, I get the error above:

pmm-admin add mysql
Failed to get PMM Server parameters from local pmm-agent: Post EOF.

I take it that pmm-admin does not read listen-port from ‘pmm-agent.yaml’.

I talked to the development team and this is actually a known issue (although no bug has been filed).  Would you mind creating one so it gets credit as being found externally which will help with priority?  Instructions for filing a bug are here.  

Thank you very much, Steve. Sure, I will create the ticket.

Linking back to the ticket: