pmm-admin MongoDB port

Hi! Mykola :

Can I ask you one more question ?

It is about the “pmm-admin add mongodb” command !!
You know the default port of MongoDB is 27017, what if I am using other ports like 37017 …

Can pmm-admin monitor the port ? I did see the option of “–service-port” on the online help page, but I can NOT sure of the usage, I had tried to use it, but fail … it says uint16 for the service port … what does it mean by that ?

can you show your command?

pmm-admin add mongodb --service-port 37017

Never mind …

I found out the correct command …
It should be : sudo pmm-admin add mongodb --uri :

yes, you are right, is right option

pmm-admin starts prometheus exporters like node_exporter or mongodb_exporter on 42000-42010 ports
sometimes it is needed to specify exact port for exporter, in this case it is possible to use option.