How to align(42002) the port MySQL service port in PMM?

pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm --password=‘root’ --query-source=perfschema mysql_performschma

how to fix port for the service 42002 always.

its got change 42002 to 42001,42003,42004 not able to monitor MySQL service.

for that I need to open more port. so any suggestion can I fix a particular port for all my nodes for MySQL service.


Hi @lokesh123

There is no official way to bind an exporter to a specific port.

You may use a workaround by limiting range of ports for pmm-agent. But it would work if only one service is monitored on a node.

Also it could a short delay for restarting pmm-agent


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@adivinho Thanks.

It works.
I set a limit for pmm-agent 40000 to 40002 as just want to MySQL instance and OS.

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