PMM to Aurora MySQL 5.7

My colleague and his team here had recently setup a system with AWS Beanstalk and AWS Aurora (MySQL 5.7) .
We’ve heard and tried PMM before . It’s very good tool to monitor on MySQL queries .

I’ve help to configure PMM to monitor on the Aurora MySQL as [url][/url] .
However , from the Query analytics , it just show as

There is no query data because the MySQL Server is not configured for monitoring. For details about the required configuration, see Configuring MySQL for Percona Monitoring and Management in PMM documentation.

i’ve checked on [url][/url] again and found as below :-

====== Setting up the Amazon RDS DB Instance
Query Analytics requires Configuring Performance Schema as the query source, because the slow query log is stored on the AWS side, and QAN agent is not able to read it. Enable the performance_schema option under Parameter Groups in Amazon RDS.

As checked from [url]Aurora MySQL database engine updates 2018-02-06 (version 2.01) (Deprecated) - Amazon Aurora and [url]Forums , it’s found that performance schema is disabled on RDS or Aurora MySQL 5.7 .

On RDS or Aurora MySQL 5.7 , is there any other alternatives to make the MySQL queries to be able to be captured by PMM ?
I was thinking to put MySQL slow log on S3 buckets and have PMM to read from there , but im not sure how to make PMM to read the slow queries log from S3 ?

Anyone have any idea ? PMM is a great tool .

-JY Teh-